Author Interview: A Cup of Mocha with Devika Fernando

I recently read Devika Fernando’s Seduced in Spain and loved it to the core of my reading soul. A few days later after I read it, I contacted its author, Devika Fernando, and conversated for a while and I asked her whether I could interview her. And she immediately – and sweetly – agreed for the same and today I am interviewing her with some crazy-wazy questions on the list. 

Let’s begin.

Introduce yourself to our readers in the most fun way. No formalities and restrictions. Use any set of words you’d like to.

Are you familiar with the term ‘crazy cat lady’? Then you know me, but I’m taking the craziness one step further: I’m also a crazy dog lady AND a crazy writer lady! I’m actually more introverted and weird than downright mad, but also always happy to connect with authors and readers online. 😉

How often do you get the ideas for your stories and how do you decide whether to work on it or not?

I’m not lying when I say that I get ideas almost every day. I react very strongly to visual prompts such as photos or art I see online or a news item I hear or a person I admire. But I try to focus on what’s already a WIP (work in progress) or what will fit into an existing series. If it doesn’t have potential for a series, if it’s not shouting to be written or if it’s unlikely to sell/interest readers, then I ignore the idea. If I think it has real potential, I write it down in a Word document and save it in my ‘ideas’ folder.

Devika Fernando - Bookish Kashish

Is there any special time of the day when you prefer to write the most? How do you plan your day accordingly?

Well, my main job is writing articles in German for various clients, so most of my writing is non-fiction. I get it done first, then save the afternoon or evening for fiction. I write more fiction on weekends, and I always aim to finish at least a scene or a chapter.

How do you think you have evolved creatively?

I guess one is always critical of one’s own writing, and views it differently (and much more personally). I do believe I’ve evolved, though. My first books were on the shorter side, had more descriptions, and were much sweeter. Now I focus more on the actual romance aspect while still paying attention to backstory and setting. - Bookish Kashish

What are you reading currently? Speaking of reading, have you ever dealt with a reader’s block?

I’m a voracious reader. One of those who binge-buy a dozen books and end up reading something else. I never experience reader’s block, though – I have too many awesome author friends whose novels I read. I prefer romance in all its subgenres, but I also read every other genre (apart from horror). I’m currently simultaneously reading a paperback (A Falcon Flies by Wilbur Smith) and an eBook (Viking Wolf by Emmanuelle de Maupassant).

Which animal could be your spirit animal and why?

My favourite animal is the wolf but I think I would choose a cat as my spirit animal: essentially a loner but fiercely loyal to whoever she chooses to love.

Do you Google yourself? If yes, what are the keywords that you use the most when you search?

I did so once, a few years ago, to see whether links to my website and books showed up, simply by Googling my name.

Inn Love 1 Review - Bookish Kashish

If you were asked to give up something for the rest of your life, what would it be? And why?

Some years ago, I became a vegetarian, and I’m glad I gave up meat (and fish) for good. If I had to choose something else, I would probably give up TV for good. I don’t really watch television anyway (but I do stream movies online).

Would you like to live in one of your fictional worlds? If yes, then which one and why?

My novels are all set in different countries around the world. I live in Sri Lanka, which is the setting I chose for “Saved in Sri Lanka”, and I used to live in Germany, which is one of the settings for “The Prince’s Surprise Bride”. Speaking of which, I do create fictional kingdoms for my royal romances but I’m not sure I would want to live there. I am currently writing a romance novel titled “Hidden Hopes” which features a Canadian inn, and I’ve always wanted to travel to Canada. I’m hoping to release the book in September as the second novel in the Inn Love series. Book 1 (Tantalizing Temptations) is set in England, another place I’d love to visit one day.

If you have to describe yourself using a quote/poem then what would it be?

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” (Dr. Seuss)


And…that’s it! We’re done with the interview! Yay! Honestly, the answers are very amusing and I’d like to know what your take is. 

I am grateful to Devika Fernando – Thank you so much! – for agreeing to this interview and answering all the questions awesomely and patiently. You can find Devika Fernando on:

Facebook | Goodreads | Personal Website | Twitter | Amazon

Will meet you next time with another author interview! Adios.

Signing off,

Kashish Agrawal


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  1. Lovely answers Devika. You are such a rare treat to read. Glad Kashish could rope you to get an Interview.

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