5 Best Free eBook Reader Apps for Android (2020)

I love reading ebooks on my mobile and tablet. I spend most of my time reading on it and have tried different ebook reader apps for Android to see which fits best to my reading habits and convenience. 

After trying a lot of such apps, I finally stalled upon 5 free Android apps that stand toe-to-toe next to each other in efficiency and user-friendliness. And today, I am going to share with you the same list of the apps that I use on a day-to-day basis for reading the ebooks and PDFs in my device.

Let’s get started with the 5 Best Free eBook reader apps for Android!

AlReader by Alan.Neverland

Supported formats: fb2, fb3, fbz, txt, epub (no DRM), html, doc, docx, odt, rtf, mobi (no DRM), prc (PalmDoc), tcr

Size: 5.9 MB

AlReader is the lightest android app for reading ebooks on this list and even though it takes less space, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t compromise on its features. 

AlReader boasts a user-friendly UI and allows you to do various changes as per your needs. It lets you change the font style, spacing, margins; lets you switch between light and dark modes and also has a TTS (Text to Speech) feature in-app. 

Although all the supported formats open in AlReader in the same manner – there isn’t much difference – it still stands out as a decent and feature-packed ebook reader for Android.

If you’re looking for a lightweight app that manages to deliver a pleasant reading experience, download AlReader from the link below and get going!

AlReader -any text book reader
AlReader -any text book reader

Amazon Kindle by Amazon Mobile LLC

Supported formats: ebooks available on Amazon, PDF 

Size: Varies with Device

Can’t deny, Amazon’s Kindle has to be on this list! Kindle has changed the way we read books on our devices and 100,000,000+ users who use Kindle for Android on a daily basis support my statement.

The app is heavy but allows you to enhance your reading experience to the fullest. You can choose your preferred font size, screen brightness, background color, and screen orientation for reading your books. (I do miss the signature gray background of the Kindle Ebook Reader. Hence I made some changes to the original Kindle app for Android and created a Grayscale Kindle Mod for Android devices. Download it if you’re a fan of the same too!)

Moreover, you get direct access to the large library of Kindle ebooks. Here’s a link to the Top 100 Free Bestseller Kindle Ebooks so that you could get access to the free part of the app! 😉

Download the app by clicking on the box below!

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free

FullReader by Itense

Supported formats: fb2, ePub, txt, PDF, doc, docx, cbr, cbz, rtf, DjVu, DjV, html, htm, mobi, xps, oxps, odt, rar, zip, 7z, MP3

Size: 23 MB

When I first downloaded FullReader and opened the app, I fell in love with it! You’re greeted with a step-by-step guide for using the app and each click when you use the app for the very first time. The UI is marvelous and snappy. The homepage comprises of three main sections, namely Recents, Favorites, and Explorer. For adding the ebooks to the library, just click on the + floating button at the bottom right, select from the wide range of supported formats, and hit on Start Scanning; within few seconds you’d have a library of your own

Once you open an ebook, FullReader offers you various tabs at the bottom where you can change the book details, see the table of contents, enable or disable auto-scrolling, use TTS feature (in a lot of different languages), and add bookmarks. The settings option at the top lets you set the brightness, change font and font size, select text color and page background, and toggle the reading mode. Switching to Advanced settings will give you more options like page turning effects, formatting, images, and a palette to choose different colors for different settings. 

Additionally, you can use the volume buttons to flip the pages while reading a book, a very handy feature indeed.

All in all, FullReader packs in a wonderful ebook reading experience for Android devices. A huge thumbs up to the app! Click on the link below to down the app now!

FullReader – e-book reader
FullReader – e-book reader
Developer: ITENSE
Price: Free+

Lithium by FaultException

Supported formats: ePub

Size: 6.7 MB

A lightweight ebook reading app for Android, Lithium comes with material design and is (hands down) the best epub reader in the Play Store. Even though it comes with minimal features, it is a lovely app to make your reading delightful. It automatically adds the epub files in your device to the book library.

When it comes to options, it allows you to adjust the brightness, select a suitable theme, increase/decrease text size, change text alignment, margin and line spacing, and also gives you a set of fonts to choose from. I was surprised to see text in epubs aligned perfectly for such a minimal-feature-packed app. Lithium even lets you sort your epubs category-wise, a feature I am a fan of.

Click on the box below and give it a try! It won’t let you down.

Lithium: EPUB Reader
Lithium: EPUB Reader
Developer: FaultException
Price: Free

Moon+ Reader by Moon+

Supported formats: epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or OPDS

Size: Varies with Device

Moon+ Reader has been my daily ebook reader since last 4 years, and the experience has stayed the same – exhilarating. Moon+ Reader is my most favorite ebook reader and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for rich ebook reader apps for Android.


Moon+ Reader - 5 Best Free Ebook Reader Apps for Android

The app is loaded with handy features (and has most of the features mentioned in the ebook reader apps in this list) and a beautiful bookshelf for the homepage. Its “Keep your eyes healthy” option for long-time reading makes the app even more desirable. And if you sync your books to Dropbox using the in-app feature, it even stores your reading positions.

Moon+ has been my go-to app for a long time now, and I’d definitely call it one of the best ebook reader apps for Android. 

Get the app now by clicking on the box below!

Moon+ Reader
Moon+ Reader
Developer: Moon+
Price: Free

Aaaand that’s it for today! If you’ve any other Android apps that you love for reading ebooks, do let me know in the comments. 

Will meet you again with a new post the soonest.

Thanks and regards,

Aniruddha Pathak 

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