Book Review: 1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar

Here’s my take on 1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar.

Front Cover - 1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar


What do you do at a college reunion in Goa?
Clubbing? Sunbathing? Water Sports?
Treasure hunt?
Escaping from police and drug mafia?
Falling in love?
No one has ever got enough of Goa, and 1000 kilograms of Goa isn’t worth missing at all!


Ashwin Shirodkar, a mid-twenties goan (who recently got his heart broken) is a real estate agent. He lives with his parents and like all typical Indian parents, his mom wants him to marry a ‘sanskari’ Indian girl and settle down whereas his dad always bears an ‘I told you so’ or ‘I know it all’ look.

Ahead in the story, Ashwin meets his college friends after seven years. But this vacation turns out to be full of unexpected events, and not how he had actually thought it to be. Pratik and Priya tell them something which changes their lives forever. Now the changes: Will their lives change for good or bad? What is the secret that makes them gatecrash a party, rob a house and do things they never thought they will do? Read the book and join Ashwin and his gang to explore it all.

Coming to the review, 1000 kilograms of goa is narrated in the first-person narrative. Ashwin is the narrator of the book and all the incidents have been shown through his perspective. The narration is smooth throughout the book which makes reading easy. Events in the book are described in chronological order thus avoiding any confusions. Author’s vocabulary is understandable as well as the writing style.

Rohan Govenkar has given a vivid and picturesque imagery of Goa. The detailed description will want one to visit that place and admire its beauties.

“Goa was about blissful beaches, limitless fields, serene churches and mystical temples. Somehow, Brand Goa was misrepresented to the rest of India.

The bond among all the five characters has been wonderfully shown. One could easily relate to this group. They laugh together, have some arguments, and even fight against each other but in spite of all these disturbances, they stand together. The friendship among the five friends will make you smile. Here’s a dialogue from the book to sum it up:

“Ifti got a verbal thrashing left, right and centre from Pratik. We learned new synonyms for the words stupid, irresponsible and gullible.”

Along with being a lover of mystery thriller, I’m a bit of history buff too so all the past stuff about goa and its culture was like ‘cherry on top’ for me. If you like to learn about different cultures and history, go for this book.

“Divar had a couple of old houses built in the colonial era. Their distinctive Portuguese-styled architecture blended in the tranquil ambience of the village. Almost all of these houses had vast gardens and king-size verandas. Each veranda had brick-red porches for families to sit outdoors. The roofs featured brick-coloured Mangalore tiles, supported by plastered mud walls that made these houses appear like European homesteads.” 

iPad Cover - 1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar

The book has elements of fun which come out very often. Ashwin is sarcastic and witty which makes him a more interesting character. Pratik is the leader of the group. Ifti is portrayed as a love-struck boyfriend. Bhavesh is the one who follows the majority whereas Priya is shown as the intelligent one. All characters are different but together they make a powerful team. 

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1000 Kilograms of Goa is a roller coaster ride. The author has done his best to keep the readers engaged through out the book. It is a page-turner. I could not stop myself from completing the book the soonest I could. I kept pondering over what would happen next.

I would like to rate this book 4.9 out of 5.

As a reader who likes everything to be crystal clear in the end, I would have appreciated more details about Maya and what happened to Priya and Ashwin. Their relation was left for readers to speculate. Apart from these personal views, I didn’t find anything not worth loving.


Hands down this book is flawless. I totally loved the book. This is the finest – one of the best mystery thriller books I have read by an Indian author. I might sound like a fangirl but I can’t stop myself from praising the book. To everyone who loves mystery thrillers, action, and adventure should go for this book. You won’t be disappointed. At least I wasn’t. It is a must read.

I’m going to say bye with few lines 1000 Kilograms of Goa which I really liked.

“Pirates? Because we firmly believe in stealing – we pick from our parents, style ourselves on our idols, snatch moments from real life. For every Mandela, there is a Gandhi. Claiming originality is audacity, conceit. We are all thieves, and the better among us Pirates.”

See you soon with the next review, Pirates! Dosvidaniya!

Thank you and regards,
Kashish Agrawal

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