Book Review: Blood and Beloved by Krimson Ravyn

Here’s my take on Blood and Beloved by Krimson Ravyn.


Blood and Beloved, India’s first Gothic horror poetry collection, includes abstract, horror, and Gothic themes such as darkness, psychological horrors, child-rape, death, etc. Each poem from the book showcases elements of melancholy, depression, mania, occult, a darker philosophy of life, and the like. With a vivid, dark imagery, the book aims at being a fusion of the horror and poetry genres. 


Blood and Beloved is a first of its kind poetry collection containing 45 poems. The basic theme of the book is gothic and deals with the darker side of life. This books marks the debut of (alias) Krimson Ravyn. 

The cover of the book is intriguing and goes well with the theme of Blood and Beloved.  It is simple yet catchy enough to grab the readers’ attention. The black background of the cover adds to the horror and the Gothic feel.

Coming to the writing style of Blood and Beloved, the book contains a total of 45 poems and I am delighted to say that all are well written and perfectly structured. The poems comprise of different writing styles, where some follow rhyming schemes while others simply tell stories. Krimson Ravyn has effectively used her vocabulary skills and I really liked how she has played with words.

‘All the prized possessions are dust, and so is the pride I used to flaunt. 
The eagles and ravens feed over the skulls-of my dreams, of my name; While the snake slithers and hiss my name and urges me to quit the game.’

iPad Mockup - Blood and Beloved by Krimson Ravyn

The narration of the poem is brilliantly done and are picturesque. The poems deal with the dark side of the world and Krimson Ravyn has beautifully portrayed those sequences. In addition, there’s also a poem that is similar to a palindrome, as it could be read both from top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top.  The metaphors used to describe evil, pain, etc. are interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed them when I pulled out the fantasy-loving side of me.

‘I am not a follower, 
Definitely not an atheist; 
Because when I see the mirror, 
Both my God and the Devil 
look back at me’

Featured Image - Blood and Beloved by Krimson Ravyn

All in all, I enjoyed reading Blood and Beloved. This was the first collection presented in its genre so I was a bit skeptical about it; whether I would like it or not. But the way Krimson Ravyn has written the poems made me a fan of her works. 

I would like to give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.

Blood and Beloved is well written and edited decently too, but some poems are a bit long to make one lose interest if the reader is new to or not too much in this genre. The vocabulary used in the book is top notch which makes poems a bit complicated for a simple read. In fact, the very first poem looked a bit difficult to comprehend. The number of poems in the book make it a lengthy collection so one needs to give enough time to read this book and enjoy it.


If you love reading magnificent poems, you should read this book. If you like dark themes and the Gothic culture is so you, you must read Blood and Beloved.  If you love books with awesome vocabulary, you could read this book. I really loved reading this book. Hope you all like the book as much as I did too!

Ending the review with a few lines from the book that I really liked:

Favorite Prose - Blood and Beloved by Krimson Ravyn

Tell me your thoughts on the books in the comment below!

Thanks and regards,

Kashish Agrawal

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