Book Review: Chopra Sisters by Rahul Vishnoi

Here’s my take on Chopra Sisters by Rahul Vishnoi.

Front Cover - Chopra Sisters


Heer gets a call. Her sister Moni is dead. She rushes to India and finds out that she is alive. Her child, however, is not. The poor boy died during birth. Moni, mad with grief, accuses her husband of poisoning her. Amit questions her sanity. Moni questions his loyalty.

Stuck between a bitter battle between a husband and a wife, Heer doesn’t know what to do. Moni is right. Heer is in love with her sister’s husband. But what if she is right about the poisoning, too?

Who’s lying?

A mad wife,

A grieving father or

A sister at war?

The side you pick might save your life!


Heer lives in Australia. One day while at work, she receives a phone call from her brother-in-law about her sister Moni’s death. Heer flies back to India only to find her sister alive and the one to die was her nephew. More secrets are revealed and more family past gets unfold. Moni accuses  Amit of poisoning her, Amit says Moni was never pregnant and that it was all in her mind. Heer doesn’t know whom to believe. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? What is the mystery behind the missing child? Read the story to find out.

Coming to the review, the concept of Chopra Sisters was intriguing: two sisters who hate each other and how would they deal with a problematic situation if they are put in one. The story revolves around the Chopra Sisters who hate each other since childhood and their enmity just grows stronger as they both grow up.

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Along the story, the sisters – who can’t see eye to eye on any situation – have to come together when it is about saving their family. 

‘Saran Singh Chopra had vowed a day to bring back his daughters together, either in life or death.’

I liked the thought that the book portrays that your family is all you have and it stands by your side no matter what.

The book deals with few medical terms which have been explained in easy to understand language for the people who have no medical background.

I would like to give this book 1 out of 5 stars.

The book needs to be edited. There are errors in the book – grammatical, typos, and lack of proper punctuations. The sentence framing was confusing. Chopra Sisters has unnecessary long sentences which makes the book even more confusing. Paragraphs are very long with no or minimum dialogues. Most of the chapters felt as if was a standard narration rather than storytelling.

There was no character development. I know the book is only 64 pages long and there was little chance for character development but even those little chances were not utilized properly.  The characters were bland and a little irritating. All three characters got lost somewhere without leaving any impact on me. Their motives were not clear along with their actions. One minute they are doing something and the next something else.

The idea of the plot was interesting but everything in the book came out as a mess. There were few loopholes which were ignored in Chopra Sisters – Heer was a year younger than Moni then how could they be in 10th standard together (this could be fixed with help of little explanation) or how they both could turn 18 together. I got totally confused in the middle of the story and felt clueless.


I picked up Chopra Sisters because I wanted to read something short and quick and what could be better than a 64 pages book. However, the story along with everything else like plot, characterization, etc. did not work well for me. I leave it up to you people that you want to pick it up for your weekend read or not.

Do tell me in comments below how you find the book.  I would love to know your views.

Happy reading!

Thanks and regards,

Kashish Agrawal

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Chopra Sisters by Rahul Vishnoi”

  1. Thanks for giving the book your time Kashish.
    I understand that not everyone likes what they read and its totally fine with me.
    PS- The picture is lovely.

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