Book Review: Coffee and Mocha by Alaknanda Goutham

Here’s my take on Coffee and Mocha by Alaknanda Goutham.

Front Cover - Coffee and Mocha by Alaknanda Goutham


Falling in love with someone is pretty easy. But staying in love with that someone is quite tough.
The easiest part had happened in the most ridiculous way.
So! In the summer of 2013, I fell in love.
I fell in love and I was just 17. 
I was 17 and I fell in love with a girl I never knew that I once knew her. 
I fell in love with a girl I never knew that I was once in love with.
I fell in love with a girl that made my life little like Coffee and a lot like Mocha.
It happened in the month of March 2013. 
And as it happened, it made the most toughest thing possible; staying in love with the person forever.

Coffee and Mocha is a simple account of a teenage fling, love, and friendship.


Anirudh is just done with his last exam of class 12th. While hailing the bus back to his home, he meets (more like a crash) a girl. Her face is covered in a scarf and the only thing visible to him is her pair of blue eyes. Feeling some instant connection between the girl and himself, Anirudh wants to know more about her.

Thus starts the journey of chasing the girl, knowing her, befriending her, and eventually falling in love too. Throughout the journey, some secrets are revealed. Who is this girl? Why does she have her face wrapped in a scarf? Does Anirudh know her? Do they end up together? Read the book to meet this mysterious girl and unveil the story.

Coming to the review, Coffee and Mocha is Alaknanda Goutham’s debut work. Title of the book is interesting and catchy. It goes well with the theme of the story as it revolves around the lives of teenagers. The cover of the book is appealing. The vocabulary used is top notch. The writing style is smooth.

Alaknanda Goutham has very beautifully portrayed friendship in this story. More than the love story between the main characters, it was the friendships in the story that stood out highlighted for me. Anirudh and Aroop were best-friends-goals.

Aroop was my best friend since when, I actually don’t remember. As far as it etched in my memory, Aroop was there in every frame of my pictures since I was about two years old.”

Anirudh is a typical teenage boy, a bit reckless, arrogant, and not sure what he wants to do in his future but what makes him likable is that he knows when to put his foot down.

Mockup - Coffee and Mocha by Alaknanda Goutham

One more thing I liked about the story was the nature of Anirudh’s parents. They were shown understanding and gave Anirudh the required freedom. I like how Anirudh is open to his father which is a rare case.

“Father smiled as serenely as ever and said, “It’s okay to not to have decided about anything yet. You still have time though. You can do it now.” 
His words took me by utter surprise. “You weren’t angry with me?” I asked childishly. 
“Not being decisive about your future is nothing wrong to be angry with.” He said simply.”

The ending of the book is not a cliché which sets this book apart.

The first half of the book is a bit repetitive. It is the same – chasing the girl. For me, the first half was a bit slow but the story catches pace as it proceeds. A few things are confusing in the story. However, if a bit of rewriting is done then the problem could be solved.


After reading my review of Coffee and Mocha, Alaknanda Goutham – the author – contacted me and we had a detailed discussion about the loopholes in the book and about some changes that could be employed to make the book a more breezy read. 

Both the author and the editor of the book  took the suggestions openly and re-read the book to fix the errors.

After re-editing the book Alaknanda Goutham offered it to me to read it again. I re-read the book and to my happiness all the confusing parts of the book are now explained clearly which connected all the dots which ware unclear for me in the first read. 

I would like to upgrade my rating from 3 stars to 3.5 stars out of 5. 


It had been long since I read a teenage fiction so when the opportunity came to me to read Coffee and Mocha, I could not let it slide. This book was sweet and simple. If you love to read teenage romance, you should read this book. The book is beautiful. It is indeed a nice read. Winters, coffee, and teenage romance is a perfect combination for a great weekend.

Thank you and regards,

Kashish Agrawal

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