Book Review: Friends Like These by Hannah Ellis

Here’s my take on Friends Like These by Hannah Ellis.

Front Cover - Friends Like These by Hannah Ellis


Finding new friends shouldn’t be so difficult…

When newly single Marie decides to shake up her social life she knows exactly what she wants: stylish, sophisticated friends and no romantic complications.

But a chance encounter brings some unlikely characters into her life, throwing her plans way off course. She just can’t seem to get rid of this bunch of misfits!

And then there’s Brian, whose good looks and charm might just distract Marie from her ideas about staying single…

This wonderfully quirky British rom com is sure to leave you smiling.


After getting cheated by her ex-boyfriend, a heartbroken Marie finds shelter at her only best friend’s house, Grace. With her job as a travel agent, and Grace by her side, and an eccentric mother, and a nosy aunt, and her newly acquired single status, Marie thinks she has everything under control. That is, until Grace gets the opportunity to move to New York with her boyfriend James and takes advantage of it. Marie now needs a new set of friends and her client Sebastian looks like everything she needs in her new group, sophisticated and rich, unlike the bunch of people she accidentally met and now are constant part of her life. Alongside new friendships, will Marie find love again? Find the book to join Marie in her unusual ride.

Coming to the review, Friends Like These by Hannah Ellis is a delightful story which runs on the brisk pace. The book cover is normal and minimal; I found it cute.

The writing style is appropriate and vocabulary used in the book is easy to understand. If you don’t like books with tough-to-interpret and alien words, you will find it appealing.

Mockup - Friends Like These by Hannah Ellis

Marie is shown as a strong and independent character who don’t let a breakup bring her down. Even though she has her own moments of self-pity, she stands stronger than before every time. Marie has been written as a supportive friend and a caring daughter. She has her differences with her mother but that doesn’t cast a shadow on her personality. She is witty, helpful, considerate, and everything that we look for in our protagonist.

Character development of Marie is interesting, she is selective when it came to choose people who are of her level. She used to think that Sebastian could be more useful rather then the people from fat club group. The positive change in her character comes gradually which is always a welcoming step. She stands up for her friends when required and eventually get to know who her real people are.

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Brian is portrayed as a handsome hunk who knows how to handle Marie on her good and bad days.

After a long time I picked up a book on romance and friendship and thankfully I enjoyed it a lot. This book is something you want to read on the days you want to smile.

I would like to give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.

There was nothing left to guess in Friends Like These. From the synopsis itself it was clear what has to be expected. A surprise element in the book is intriguing. I know the book is about friendship but I would have appreciated it if there was more of Marie and Brian, as I loved them. Maybe the second book will have more of these two.


Friends Like These has drama, love, heartbreak, friendship, and romance. If you love to read any of it or all of it, I would suggest you go grab one for yourself. It had been long since I read a chick lit so reading this book was refreshing for me. I liked it and would recommend you to it too. It is at least a one time read without a doubt and if you loved this book it has two more parts to entertain you.

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