Book Review: I See You by Aindrila Roy

Here’s my take on I See You by Aindrila Roy.

Front Cover - I See You by Aindrila Roy


Liam’s life has become a waking nightmare. He’s plagued by constant headaches and is hounded by inexplicable events bordering on the insane. He is convinced that his vindictive ex, Lily, despite her vehement denials, is the one sending him disturbing packages. The only bright spot in a life gone berserk is Aliana, the woman Liam has loved ever since he saw her in a parking lot. But a shocking revelation about her leaves him questioning everything he knows. As Liam plunges deeper into the twin abysses of unbridled love and unexplained insanity, he has to do all it takes to stop his life from spiraling out of control.


‘I see you’ is the debut book of the Author. The story revolves around twenty-four-year-old Liam Redmond and events happening with/around him from the time he met this mysterious girl named Aliana. After breaking up with his girlfriend Lily and suffering from serious headaches, Liam experiences moments of relief when he is in Aliana’s presence.

Liam was attracted to Aliana since her first sight and they kept bumping into each other every now and then. A series of weird events started occurring with him like when he found himself in an isolated park, and when his roommate’s cat Nyx started acting creepy and unusual. Some supernatural incidents occurred making him question everything he believed. What was happening with Liam? Was Aliana a part of all that? Would Liam survive the storm? Read the book to find out.  

Coming to the review, I See You is a well-written book in a rich language. Those who seek a book with a decent writing style – this book is apt for them. Author’s vocabulary is top notch. The characterization is strong. The story flows smoothly throughout the book. The descriptions of some horror scenes will leave you with goosebumps.

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Some parts are a bit gruesome and the Author has well-portrayed it – giving us vivid images of those scenes. The book keeps you well hooked throughout as one is eager to know what will happen next. All the supporting characters are well used making each character’s presence important somewhere or the other. 

I would like to give this book 3 stars out of 5.

I found the book a bit clichéd in terms of the backstory. Heartbreak and revenge are very common topics for a backstory. I felt that it was not completely up to to the mark. A strong (and an extraordinary) backstory would have made all the difference. At some point, I found the book dragged and slow-paced which could have been avoided.


I liked the book if not loved. The book made an exceptionally good debut. To everyone who loves a nice dose of horror and suspense should go for it. You might even love the book. For me, it was a one time read. I wasn’t disappointed, it was just that I expected more.

Bonus info: Epilogue is the best part of the book. It will leave you to want for more and maybe with an evil smile (just like I had). 😉

Thank you and regards,

Kashish Agrawal

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