Book Review: I Wish for You by Camilla Isley

Here’s my take on I Wish for You by Camilla Isley.

Front Cover - I Wish for You by Camilla Isley


If all your wishes could suddenly come true, what would you do? A year ago when the love of her life dumped her for no apparent reason, Ally thought she had hit rock bottom. But now that she has seen him with another woman, and one she knows only too well, her life seems to have reached a whole new level of low. Yet, when she stumbles across an ancient object infused with magical powers and a stranger with a dark past appears out of nowhere promising to grant all her wishes, she finds herself hoping again. Suddenly Ally’s life is turned upside down; she has a mystery to solve, a rival to beat, a millenarian curse to break, and well, she wants to have some fun playing with her new “gifts..”. But can she wish her way to happily ever after?


Ally is like any ordinary girl. She is independent, has a nice job, and a loving boyfriend. Life could not be any more perfect for her.  But perfect things don’t last long. James, her perfect boyfriend, dumps her unexpectedly. Next thing she knows, he is dating her nemesis Vanessa.

Fast forward to one year later and Ally is still not over James. She still thinks James is her soulmate and Vanessa is just a phase in his life. She believes James will realize his mistake and come back to her as they are soulmates.

Ally’s life takes a three-sixty degree turn when she comes across a little coffer. A genie (Arthur) appears out of that coffer who promises to fulfill Ally’s five wishes along – conditions applied. That gives Ally an idea to win James back.

With a handsome genie by her side and some superpowers in her hands, Ally is all ready to win her love back. Along with getting her love back, she has some pressing matters to deal with. Who is this genie? What is his story? Would she be able to break the curse? Would Ally get James back? Is James her true love? Read the book to find out.

Coming to the review, I wish for You is the debut novel of Camilla Isley. The story from the beginning till the end is hooking. It is well-written and the language used is understandable too. There is no unnecessary use of high words. The book is easy to read. Chapters are of appropriate length. I like how Ally’s character has been portrayed. She is not all goody to shoes. She is like a normal girl. She lives her life, makes mistakes, and has both good and evil in her. When she gets a genie who is willing to fulfill her wish she behaves like how any normal person should.

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Each character in the book has flaws but that’s what makes them real because nobody is perfect. The funny banter between Ally and Arthur are hilarious and it never failed to bring a smile to my face.

I would like to give this book 3 stars out of 5.

Even though the Author has written a gripping tale, the story looks a bit monotonous in between. Ally’s love (obsession) for James gets a bit irritating at times because all she does is come up with plans to win James back. Also, the climax looked rushed. There were shorter scenes between Ally and Arthur. I would have loved to read more about their relationship.


They say, “Never judge a book by its cover”. I picked up I Wish for You as I found the cover very appealing and beautiful. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed. The book had every element I like – from drama to mystery to romance and comedy. To everyone who loves a book with Romantic-comedy, they should try this one. The book made me smile throughout. It’s a lovely read.

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Kashish Agrawal

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