Book Review: The Story of a Long-Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar

Here’s my take on The Story of a Long-Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar.

Front Cover - The Story of a Long-Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar


Rohan and Ira’s life takes an unexpected turn when Ira decides to leave for New York to study. They’ve been married for only fifteen months, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and Rohan is not going to come between his wife and her dream. So, sad but supportive, he stays back in Delhi, where he is on the brink of a promotion at a national daily. After all, his relationship with Ira is strong enough to survive the distance. Rohan prepares for a year without Ira, getting by with a little help from his friends: Yusuf, his on-call confidant who lives in Bangalore; Alisha, a colleague he likes catching up with over tea; and Tanuj, his new role model at work. Life without Ira is going surprisingly well. Until the day, that is, she reveals the real reason she left.


Rohan and Ira are childhood friends who eventually fall in love and later get married. After one year of their marriage, Ira decides to continue her studies and for that, she takes admission in one of the colleges in NY. Studying in NY means staying away from Rohan. Rohan gets sad but is still supportive of his wife’s decision. After a few months in NY, things start changing between the two. The long distance and lack of communication become barriers. Both get busy in their own lives trying to ignore the absence of the other. Rohan comes to know the real reason why Ira wanted to live in NY. What was the reason? Does their marriage survive the distance? Does their bond get strong? How do they deal with everything? Read the book to find out.

Coming to the review, the concept of long-distance marriage in The Story of a Long-Distance Marriage was something new and fresh. A lot of us must have read a story revolving around a couple who are in a long-distance relationship but to read about long-distance marriage, it was something interesting.

Few incidents were sweet along with few quotes here and there.

“‘Horcruxes. In the books, horcruxes are bad. That’s how Voldemort eludes death for years. But I don’t think horcruxes are always bad. Or that it takes something as grave as murder to create one. We may not be consciously doing it, but we are splitting our souls all the time. There is a part of my soul in Old Delhi, where we are going. It’s where Ira and I had gone when I first came to Delhi to see her. There’s a part of my soul in Sikkim, where I first experienced what it is to fall in love many years ago. Horcruxes, I think, are a way of life. They are a way of loving.’” 

Tablet Cover - The Story of a Long-Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar

I like the concept that no matter where we are and no matter how we are we are going to be fine as long as we have someone to come back to. I think it was one of the sweetest things I have read recently.

“‘P.S. We’ll always have each other to come back to.’”

I would like to give this book 1 star out of 5.

To start with, the book needs editing. The book has grammatical errors and a few sentences don’t make sense. Use of some words at some places look weird and inappropriate. The book looked more of a personal diary of someone rather than a story. Paragraphs are super long with no or minimum dialogues. Sometimes the story goes on tot two-three pages with just the monologue from the male protagonist which is highly irritating. The book has unnecessary details. There is no character development throughout the book. There was no proper characterization of any character. There are abrupt changes in scenes. Dialogues were lengthy and looked more like a speech. Rohan’s character is immature who doesn’t know how to deal with problems. There is no chemistry between Rohan and Ira. Problems in the story were neither clearly discussed nor clearly solved, making everything a big mess. Both the main characters looked self-centered.

Personal views: I’m not a fan of open-ending books. They make me feel incomplete. Same was this book too. I felt that so much was left to know and read and the story had come abruptly to an end.


I picked up this book because the cover looked pretty and the title of the story intrigued me a lot. Alas! Nothing was pretty in the story apart from the cover. The book was a sheer disappointment for me. I would leave the decision of reading it up to you.

Thank you and regards,

Kashish Agrawal

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