Book Review: The Fifty-Two Week Chronicles by Joslyn Westbrook

Here’s my take on The Fifty-Two Week Chronicles by Joslyn Westbrook.

Front Cover - The Fifty-Two Week Chronicles by Joslyn Westbrook


What has the power to conquer hate: Love or Food? Or perhaps a love for food? When Penelope Monroe loses her dream job as a food critic, she launches a weekly Food Blog – The Fifty Two Week Chronicles – promising to keep thousands of fans entertained. Her best friend begs her to work as a restaurant consultant for a client hired by his PR Firm, and Penelope agrees, unaware of who the client is… Jonathan Knight is still steaming from the poor review received from a renowned food critic that destroyed the image and reputation of his 5 star-rated restaurant. He seeks help from a restaurant consultant, not knowing the feisty (and extremely attractive) woman hired to help rebuild his reputation is the same woman who destroyed it. Penelope and Jonathan quickly develop a spicy connection that is sure to take them on a very heated culinary dash toward success and a chance at love. But will Penelope be able to keep her true identity hidden from Jonathan? Set in New York, The Fifty-Two Week Chronicles is the first book in a Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy series of novels – Delectables in the City; a tasteful mix of food and passion in every city.


Penelope is fired from her job as a food critic after she finds out that the boss – who was her boyfriend – is cheating on her. After being jobless she starts her page on Facebook named ’52 week of Chronicles’ where she decides to review great restaurants. While she is ready for a new task, her best friend offers her a job as a restaurant consultant at a Five star restaurant. Later she finds out it is the same restaurant to which she has given a poor review. In need for the job and to make things right she decides to change her appearance so that she could not be recognized, thus staring her new adventure. Does she make the things right? Is her secret revealed? What will the consequences be if her identity is revealed? Read the book to find out.

Coming to the review of The Fifty-Two Week Chronicles, the writing style of the book is easy and appealing. One could feel as if they are having the conversation with the characters rather than reading the book. The characters are funny and witty, and they make you smile.

“And who the hell is this they people always quote? They say this. They say that. Blah, blah blah.”

Penelope is shown as a strong character who doesn’t give up easily. Her best friend Sebestain is the best- friends goal. Every girl needs a best friend like him in her life to survive tough days. ‘Cause Boyfriends and Girlfriends come and go but friendship is forever.

“Single is the new Prada; anyone who can afford it seemingly flaunts it with this sort of blatant swag.”

Photo - The Fifty-Two Week Chronicles by Joslyn Westbrook

Jonathan is the sexy chef of the restaurant to which Penelope has agreed to help.  Both of them get attracted to each other soon and things soon turn out spicy between them. He is portrayed as a caring person who loves his family. He has his own dreams and yet sacrifices them to fulfill his parents’ wish. The love story between Penelope and Jonathan is swift.

I would like to give this book 1.5 stars out of 5.

The cover of the book was nothing extraordinary. I found it plain and like all book covers of a chicklit romance book.

The title of the book has zero connection with the story. In the beginning of the story i thought, ‘yes that’s what The Fifty-Two Weeks Chronicles will be all about’ but halfway through the story I wanted to remind the author that the plot has nothing to do with the title. 

There was no character development. Everything in the story felt rushed. The story starts and ends within at most 3-4 days. What could reader expect in terms of character development when the whole story revolves and ends in 3 days? There was no character-depth or story-depth. 

The idea of the story was interesting but it felt like things were not planned well. There were too many elements and made it like the author just wanted to have everything in her story but couldn’t execute all those things to their full potentials.

Personal note: To me, The Fifty-Two Week Chronicles was more like a fan-fiction written by some amateur young teenage girl rather than a story that I would think of for a long time.


I picked up this book with great hopes of reading something romantic but the book turned out a big disappointment for me. I would leave it up to you people that whether you want to read this book or not.

Whatever be your decision, do leave the comments below.

Thanks and regards,

Kashish Agrawal

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