7 Reasons To Give Up Sex And Dedicate Your Life To Reading Books!

Absurd title, right? Well, reading books is my ultimate hobby, so I thought of writing something that is exaggerating as well as funny. Hence this post: 7 reasons to give up sex and dedicate your life to reading books. Of course, I am not being suggestive (but I am; reading is after all the best goal, right?). Let’s get started to why books are a better partner.

1) You can do it whenever you want

On a bus, while waiting in a queue, in a park, or anywhere! The best part: no one will raise an eyebrow at you. And to top it all, no foreplay required! You can directly dive into the action

Reasons to Read Books - One

2) It does not involve two people, so you are your own master

You don’t need a second person to bring you the joy of reading. Go solo, treat yourself. Of course, with a book in your hand. (what else did you think, eh?)

Reasons to Read Books - Two


3) Books don’t cheat on you

News flash: Books are the most loyal partners you could ever find (in addition to dogs 😍). They don’t complain, don’t move, adjust anywhere in the shelf, and even travel along with you! A complete example of loyalty, they.

Reasons to Read Books - Four


4) There is nothing like too much reading

The action can be performed the entire night, even if you’re tired. They will be as ready as ever to love you back!

Reasons to Read Books - Five


5) Books are always open to try new position with you

Ahem, yummmm.

Reasons to Read Books - Six


6) Books don’t judge you

No matter what shape, size, life, or struggles. They are always waiting for you to cuddle in the bed with them when you’re home.

Reasons to Read Books - Seven


7) Books come in more flavors

Even if you choose to try out a flavor (genre) each day, you’re never going to run out of options! Well, what’s your mood today? Want to go solving crimes or get a new fictional crush? Ah! So many flavors and that you can never have enough of it.

Reasons to Read Books - Eight


What’s your reason to give up sex and reading books, now? Let me know in the comments below. I had so much fun writing this post! Thanks for reading. 


Kashish Agrawal

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